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A Guide to Rubber Snow Plough Blades

In this article we are taking a closer look at rubber snow plough blades, how they compare to metal blades and where you can get your bespoke rubber blades from for your snow plough this winter.

Whilst metal is the traditional material choice for snow plough blades, we have seen an increase in the use of rubber snow plough blades over the past few years, due to their efficiency and sustainable qualities.

What is snow ploughing?

Unsure what snow ploughing is? Snow ploughing is the process in which snow and ice is removed from outdoor surfaces, such as roads. For this process to be undertaken, a snow plough can be mounted onto a truck, as well as other vehicles.

Why choose a rubber snow blade?

There are a number of materials that snow plough blades can be made from, including metal. However, there are several benefits that can be achieved through using rubber snow plough blades instead.

One of the main benefits of using a rubber snow plough blade is that it provides a malleable surface when clearing snow, which is essential as the underlying road surface is not visible until the snow has been cleared and a metal blade can be damaged by unseen obstacles. Having a rubber blade protects the metal against damage.

Other benefits of using a rubber blade for your snow plough include:

  • Higher efficiency in removal of snow compared to metal blades, ensuring road surfaces are safer and cleaner
  • Sustainable and abrasion resistant
  • High performance in extreme temperatures, from –20°C and 70°C
  • Shock absorption, minimising noise output
  • Versatility across surface types, avoiding damage from rocks and potholes
  • Rust and water resistant

What Sectors Use Rubber Snow Plough Blades?

There are a wide range of sectors that rely heavily on snow ploughs during the winter months, these sectors include:
– Local Councils, who are responsible for clearing snow from the roads, so residents can travel safely through the area.
– Schools, who often have snow plough to clear snow from entrance ways and playgrounds to ensure their grounds are safe for children to attend.
– Shopping centres, who use snow ploughs to clear snow from entrance ways and car parks for customers.
– Transport, including airports and railways, who remove snow from runways and tracks to ensure flights and trains proceed with as little disruption as possible.

Ordering Rubber Snow Plough Blades

At Aquaseal Rubber, we manufacture and supply bespoke snow plough rubber blades that meet the needs of our customers. Our rubber snow plough blades are typically manufactured using styrene butadiene rubber, which is an abrasion resistant material that ensure the snow plough blade lasts for several winters. Styrene butadiene rubber is also able to withstand temperatures of -20°c/+70°c, meaning the blade can continue to perform at an optimum level in extreme weather conditions.

Our snow plough blades can also be manufactured in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet your individual requirements. If you require different materials or colours, we will be able to accommodate you. All our snow plough blades, and scraper blades are manufactured in our factory located in the North East of England and are finished to the highest standards and to ISO 9001: 2015.

Get in touch with our experienced rubber specialists today to discuss your snow plough needs. We will work with you to manufacture a custom rubber solution that is fit for purpose.


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