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50 Years Celebrations

We are celebrating 50 years of Aquaseal Rubber.

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Newcastle Yachtsman taking on the Northwest Passage Challenge

Our amazing 82-year-old client is embarking on a 20,000-mile voyage through the Northwest Passage to raise funds for the Daft as a Brush charity!

Here at Aquaseal Rubber, we love to support our clients and their ambitious projects, especially when this involves a 20,000-mile voyage at the age of 82 to raise funds for Daft as a Brush!! Our client David Cowper is embarking on a voyage through the Northwest Passage – between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and through the Arctic Circle.

David originally planned on undertaking this challenge in 2023. However, a diagnosis of prostate cancer put his plans on hold. While undergoing treatment David became aware of the important work carried out by Daft as a Brush, providing transport to hospital appointments for cancer patients.


David hopes his challenge will raise funds to purchase new cancer patient ambulances for the charity.

“I am lucky to live very close to the hospital, so I walked there each day,” David said.

“But there are hundreds of patients all over the region and beyond who do not live near a cancer centre, the Daft as a Brush free service is essential in our region and beyond.”


About the Northwest Passage:

What makes this journey so impressive? David will be travelling 20,000 miles through difficult and complex waters. The Northwest Passage has been explored for its potential to create trade routes linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. However, difficult landscapes and treacherous conditions make the area difficult to navigate. Over the centuries, many expeditions attempted to navigate the Northwest Passage, often ending in tragedy. The main obstacles are unpredictable weather and ice sheets. During his voyage David will be travelling through some of the most northern areas of the planet, experiencing 24 hours of daylight during the summer months.

We are so proud to serve David, as a long-standing customer with Aquaseal he shares his experience working with us:

“I have always received a very helpful service at Aquaseal and I use their products for pipework, handling different materials of diesel, bilge water, drinking water, making gaskets for underwater valves, gaskets for diesel tanks, nitrile gaskets for fittings that come into contact with diesel, exhaust pipes where I use silicone in places, just to name a few of the many requirements fulfilled by Aquaseal.”


Please take a moment to donate to this important cause and admire such a courageous gentleman.


Click here to read David’s feature on the BBC!!

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