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Top Tips for Selecting a UK Rubber Manufacturer

When it comes to buying rubber, there are a range of benefits that can be accessed by purchasing your rubber from a UK rubber manufacturer, such as quality, longevity, standards, and reduced costs.

However, knowing which UK manufacturer to select can be challenging. This guide takes a look at the tips you should be following when you are deciding on the rubber manufacturer you are going to use, to ensure you choose a manufacturer that is suited to your rubber needs.

Benefits of Buying Rubber from a UK Rubber Manufacturer

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing your rubber products from a UK manufacturer is that the products are bespoke to your project, providing solutions based on your requirements whilst also reducing costs by cutting out the middle-man (a supplier). Buying your rubber from a UK manufacturer also minimises the possibility of sourcing poor quality rubber as UK manufacturers must adhere to strict rubber UK regulations.

Check out our Benefits of Buying Rubber from a UK Rubber Manufacturer blog article here to find out more about the benefits of sourcing your rubber products directly from a UK manufacturer.

Top Tips

Compliance with Industry Standards

The first tip to consider when selecting a rubber manufacturer is whether they adhere to industry standards and are certified by an accepted standards organisation. When it comes to rubber manufacturing, a good accreditation to look for is the ISO 9001:2015, which ensures the quality of the manufacturers products or services consistently meet the needs of both the customer and the regulatory requirements.


Selecting a UK rubber manufacturer who has years of experience in the field is crucial, as it not only does it ensure that they are well versed with industry standards and regulations, but that they have the knowledge to identify the most suitable product based on your needs.

Available Services

Depending on the complexity of the project, you may require a bespoke manufacturing service. As a result, it is important to review the services a manufacturer is offering, and whether they provide unique services that go beyond the traditional manufacturing methods.

Previous Work

Another tip for choosing a UK manufacturer to source your rubber is to look over their previous work they have done for past clients and to read their reviews. This will give you an insight into both their products and their customer service. If a manufacturer has poor reviews, then it is advised to look for another instead.


About Aquaseal Rubber

At Aquaseal Rubber, we have been manufacturing bespoke rubber solutions for clients since 1972.  All our products are manufactured in our North East factory, but we ship worldwide and in some cases our specialists will travel to perform onsite testing. With an extensive range of rubber products available in a wide variety of materials, we are confident we have a solution for you. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to discuss your rubber requirements.


Advantages of using Aquaseal

  • Bespoke rubber products
  • Manufactured in-house
  • Small run quantities
  • Made in the UK
  • ISO 9001 accredited

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