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When is the best time to buy road sweeper spares?

Road sweepers are a fixture on the streets of Britain. If you've ever had to commute by foot in the early mornings through a usually busy town centre, you'll have seen at least one - a tiny, bustling little vehicle busily tidying the mess left by careless pedestrians.

Because they get so much use, there comes a time where road sweepers need spares. Road sweeper spares can come as standard, but if the council or private maintenance company is using an older model, they may want to look for a bespoke option.

Of course, proper maintenance of these vehicles is often paramount to the longevity of their usage. In this blog, we explain how road sweepers work, how to maintain them, and when the best time is to buy road sweeper spares.

How do road sweepers work?
The road sweepers used by most British councils tend to fall into one of two types: the conventional road sweeper, and the suction sweeper. Both function slightly differently, so choosing the right road sweeper spares is crucial to ensuring that they can continue to clean our streets as efficiently as possible.

The conventional road sweeper operates by using two spinning brushes on its bumper to move debris underneath the vehicle. There, a larger cylindrical brush spins the debris into a storage hopper, which is mounted above two water jets aimed at the ground to try and reduce the dust kicked up by this cleaning method.

When buying road sweeper spares for a conventional model, the focus will be on the cylindrical brushes. These can be purchased as branded road sweeper spares directly from the manufacturer, or in some cases, made bespoke for the application.

The suction road sweeper is fitted with a suction nozzle at the front of the vehicle for a more accurate clean. Often, the road sweeper spares used to repair suction models will be fitted to the end of the suction nozzle or will be used as debris guards around the bottom of the vehicle.

When is the best time to buy road sweeper spares?
Most councils choose to refurbish and modify their road sweepers in order to save on the costs of buying new models and to increase the lifespan of the original vehicle. A partial refurbishment, for example, will involve an initial inspection, the repair of any defects, and an order for replacement road sweeper spares.

It becomes necessary to buy new road sweeper spares when the existing parts have worn out and become damaged, and the vehicle is therefore unable to function effectively. An inspection will determine whether all or some of the parts need to be replaced. The different parts include:

  • Rubber seals
  • Rubber skirts
  • Rubber curtains
  • Hoses and nozzle rubbers

Although it is possible to buy road sweeper spares from the original manufacturer, it is important to note that these will only come as standard. To improve the lifetime of these products, you have the option of buying bespoke from an independent rubber manufacturer such as Aquaseal, who can configure the specifications of your road sweeper spares so that they are better than the original manufacturer’s version.

Road Sweeper Spares | Aquaseal Rubber
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