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An Expert Guide to Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting services offer industries an efficient method to cut materials for the fabrication of parts and components, and it has become one of the most popular cutting methods across a variety of industries due to its versatile and precision cutting. This expert guide to water jet cutting will explore everything you need to know about water jet cutting, from what water jet cutting is, to the advantages of water jet cutting and more. 

What is water jet cutting?

Water jet cutting machinery cuts and shapes a wide range of materials, using a high-pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the material.

The water jet cutting process involves an ultrahigh-pressure pump is used to generate a stream of water that has a pressure rate of up to 94,000 psi. Using a tiny jewel orifice, this pressure is converted into velocity, which creates a stream that is as small as human hair and can cut through soft materials. However, to cut through tougher materials, a garnet abrasive is pulled into the waterjet stream, increasing the cutting power by up to 1,000 times. As the abrasive is added to the water jet nozzle, using a mixing tube, the water jet can easily switch between pure water and abrasive water jet cutting, providing greater versatility.

Whilst water jet systems can vary, the majority of machines consist of three main components: a pump, a table, and a controller. The high-pressure pump generates pressurised water, which is required for the cutting process. The table consists of an X-Y nozzle mechanism, which has an attached garnet hopper, and a catcher tank. Finally, the controller adopts software that operates the system, controls the motion and position of the nozzle.

What are the benefits of water jet cutting?

  • Water jet cutting machinery involves a cold-cutting process, meaning there is no risk of melting or tearing and doesn’t change the material properties.
  • Compared to other cutting machinery, the water jet’s high pressure can cut through more materials. Abrasive waterjets can cut virtually any material including glass and metals and can cut through a variety of thicknesses,
  • The precision nozzle used on a water jet cutting machine allows for cutting to occur in any direction and ensures there are no frayed edges, meaning there is no need to use a secondary finishing process.
  • No hazardous outputs such as dust, fumes and gases are emitted when using a water jet method.
  • The set-up for cutting jobs on waterjets is quick and easy, and it is simple to switch between pure water and abrasive water jet methods.
  • A waterjet’s cutting tool never gets dull, unlike other cutting tools.

How much do water jet cutting services cost?

The price of water jet cutting services varies depending on the size and type of material that needs to be cut. We suggest contacting a member of the Aquaseal Rubber team for a direct quote based on your requirements.

What are the different types of water jet cutting?

There are two forms of water jet cutting, pure water jet cutting and abrasive water jet cutting. Whilst the purpose of the two is the same, their cutting capabilities vary.

Pure Water Jet – Pure waterjets is typically used to cut softer materials quickly and accurately. The materials that pure water can cut through include rubber, foam, and other gasket material.

Abrasive Water Jet – alternatively, abrasive water jet cutting can be used to cut through tougher materials than the pure water jet. As previously discussed, once the pure waterjet is created, an abrasive is pulled into the head and mixed with the water, which creates an abrasive waterjet stream that can cut harder materials. Abrasive water jets can cut almost any other material across a wide range of thicknesses, including virtually all metals (hardened tool steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and titanium), non-tempered glass, composites, laminates, stone, and most ceramics.

About Aquaseal Rubber Ltd

At Aquaseal Rubber, our water jet cutting machinery is high-quality, robust and heavy-duty and has the capabilities to provide pure water cutting and abrasive cutting for tougher materials.

Aquaseal Rubber’s water jet cutting services are suitable for clients in Newcastle and nationwide. Please get in touch with our specialists for more information on our water jet cutting services or to place an order.

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