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50 Years Celebrations

We are celebrating 50 years of Aquaseal Rubber.

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Certificate Number 12859
Aquaseal Rubber is ISO 9001 : 2015

Rubber parts for classic cars


A well-maintained car will hold or increase in value unlike the majority of modern cars that depreciate in value over time, a well maintained classic car will hold or increase in value. This is due to the rarity of these beautiful vehicles. Not that you would want to sell it anyways!

Style and personality unlike modern cars

There is something so eye-catching about classic cars. You can’t help but turn your head when you see one out on the road or stopping to take a look when you see one parked up. There’s very few modern cars that command such attention!

Driving experience

Nothing beats the feeling of heading out on the road in a little bit of history that is all yours. While driving a classic car is different than driving a modern car, there’s something about driving a car from the golden age of motoring. Unfortunately, all the benefits that make owning a classic car great, also mean it is difficult to maintain your car.


Finding a mechanic that can help you with the upkeep if you own a classic car, you will probably know quite a bit about car maintenance in general but also know a lot more about your specific model. However, what happens if need help? Modern cars are built a lot differently and mechanics today are trained a lot differently than they were in the time that classic cars were the norm. So finding someone knowledgeable enough to help troubleshoot any problems might be difficult

Car parts aren’t readily available

For the most part, car parts for classic cars are hard to find simply because they don’t produce them anymore! There are firms that make replica parts but those can be difficult to track down and may take hours worth of contacting other classic car owners and searching on the internet. However, Aquaseal Rubber has a convenient solution for those difficult to find parts. If you have a worn out or broken part or a mechanical drawing of the part, we can make a replacement from that. We can make multiple parts to have on hand or to share with other members of your car club.

Don’t spend your valuable time running around looking for replacement parts – bring them to us and we will have your replacements ready in no time!

Advantages of using Aquaseal

  • Bespoke rubber products
  • Manufactured in-house
  • Small run quantities
  • Made in the UK
  • ISO 9001 accredited

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