Over the last six to eight months, Aquaseal has seen a significant increase in orders from other countries. These export jobs have varied in size and quantity - from washers, to bespoke fabricated pads.

One standout example comes from a customer who required a wedge shaped rubber pad, made from EPDM 66 Shore A.

The customer sent over drawings with material specification and stated the number of each item required. Aquaseal then checked over the drawings and material spec before asking the customer a few questions regarding missing dimensions on the drawing.

Aquaseal considered the edited drawing and submitted its price. The pads were to be laminated up from 25mm EPDM in order to get the correct size. This saves the customer having to pay for a single mould tool, which would have incurred a cost of £1000 for each size required.

The customer accepted the material in laminated format, so Aquaseal proceeded to fabricate the pads, ensuring they were to the sizes stated on the drawings.

10 days later, they were ready for air freight to Spain, where the customer is based. Feedback from the customer upon receipt is that they are great, and look really good considering they’ve been fabricated from sheet.

Aquaseal is also currently working on a ship’s hatch order for a customer based in Singapore. This order includes our Aquaseal Hatch packing and port light window rubbers, and will be sent out on a carrier to meet the ship at the designated port.

Aquaseal is happy to work with export customers on their rubber products. The customer benefits from great value for money, as well as British Quality Assurance and Aquaseal’s trademark reliable service.

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