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Five Benefits of Viton Rubber

Viton is a unique fluoropolymer in the FKM family, which is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. Depending on the application, Based on the product application, a copolymer is chosen for the Viton rubber compound, creating different grades of rubber with varying characteristics. To ensure the correct grade of Viton is used, it is important to outline the application requirements.

Due to the wide range of advantages that can be achieved through using Viton instead of other rubber materials, it is becoming a widely used material across a variety of industries and has range of applications, from high-performance seals to expansion joints, hoses, and tubing.

Benefits of Using Viton

1. High-Temperature Performance

Compared to other elastomers, Viton fluoroelastomers have the ability to maintain its shape, flexibility, and seal when it is exposed to high temperatures. Viton rubber can withstand and perform effectively at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 250°C.

This hot temperature performance enables Viton to resist degradation, which is typically caused by prolonged exposure to specific temperature environments. As a result, Viton products are highly trusted across a range of industries.

2. Durable and Reliable

Due to elevated levels of durability and reliability, Viton is trusted for long-term applications, as it ensures components continue to operate without downtime or mechanical breakdown.

High durability and reliability results in higher performance and a competitive advantage for those using Viton, as it is able to perform under pressure, compared to other rubber products which would become brittle.

3. High Chemical Resistance Levels

Viton is renowned for having excellent resistance and compatibility to a wide range of chemicals, oils, acids, lubricants, and solvents. As a result of this high chemical resistance, Viton can be used across different industries. In addition, Viton is a bio-friendly material, meaning it is compatible to use in environments involving food and medical-grade lubricants and oils.

4. Applicable Across a Variety of Industries

Due to the properties of Viton, it can perform in some of the harshest environments. As a result, Viton Rubber has a vast range of uses, across different disciplines and industries. Having earned a reputation for withstanding extremely corrosive conditions and high temperatures, Viton is commonly used within the aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, chemical processing, and oil and gas industries.

5. Meets strict FDA and sanitary standards.

In addition to the industries that have been discussed previously, Viton is also applicable for use in the food industry and medical field. Unlike many other rubber materials, Viton meets the strict FDA regulations and sanitary standards required of both these industries. Viton applications for the medical and food sectors should undergo regular quality testing and be packaged in a certified clean environment to avoid contamination.

Aquaseal Rubber

To find out more about Viton, see our Guide. At Aquaseal Rubber, a range of our products are available in Viton. See the full range of Viton rubber products we offer and contact our team of specialists for more information.

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