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We are celebrating 50 years of Aquaseal Rubber.

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Replacement Obsolete Bulbus Hose

We recently manufactured a replacement bulbus hose to be for a client within the motoring industry. The customer asked if we could help reproduce an old rubber hose via an emailed enquiry. We then received photos and sample of their current rubber hose, which our team were able to have a look at and inspect to gather as much information as possible for the client. From this, we advised on the best material to use for the project and discussed how we planned to make the bespoke rubber product by making a mould tool and then compression moulding them in-house.

Our moulding team were particularly nervous about this job when the tooling arrived, as they could see that they were going to struggle with the release of the part. However, after a meeting and talks, we used the Ababol release agent inside and outside the mould and the item demoulded much easier than with the silicone-based release the raw material supplier suggested to use.

We provided the client with two samples from our moulding shop, which they were highly impressed with, in terms of the quality and look. Within a week of receiving the two samples, the client gave us the go-ahead to proceed and make the other 50 items as our quote and communications.

The moulded hose was designed to be used on a water-cooled engine, and as a result, we chose to use EPDM rubber due to the environment that the rubber will be used in.

The big challenge for this particular item was the large bulbus end and the thin outlet. We had to make a number of amendments to the mould tool just so we could de-mould the item from the core, we also used a bespoke blended EPDM rubber with good elasticity and tear resistance so we could de-mould the item without it ripping. Overall, the Aquaseal Rubber Team and the client were happy with the outcome of this project.

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