Rubber Seals

  • _0000_Watertight Door Seal-only by Aquaseal
  • _0002_Moulded Seal - Pipe Seal3
  • _0017_IMG_3341
  • _0008_Marine Seal - Hatch seal
  • Food Grade Rubber2
  • Food Grade Rubber1
  • Extruded seal2
  • Extruded seal1

Seals have been a core product at Aquaseal Rubber for over 40 years.

Our rubber seals come in a variety of hardness from 30 shore A to 90 Shore A, used in marine and industrial environments.

We can make seals that are:

  • resistant to water degradation
  • oil resistant
  • heat resistant

We specialise in making gate seals and hatch packing, rubber seals for ships, and industrial rubber seals.

Find out more about our materials on our page: “Rubber We Use

Aquaseal Rubber – Materials Chart Rubber Seals